Vegan Sea Moss Grows Popular From Health Benefits

As women, it’s a known fact that we love a good “beauty secret” when we see one. Well, Amanda Yvette has added a new one to add to the list that women AND men are sure to love! She is the creator of Pink Sea Moss, a sea moss gel from Grenada that comes along with a TON of benefits! Imagine a product that treats Anemia, Relieves the Flu, Reduces inflammation, treats Thyroid Disorder, is a natural energy booster, dissolves mucus, speeds muscle recovery, nourishes hair, skin and nails and is a sinus and allergy reliever! WOW! I was amazed at the amount of benefits that this pink jelly goodness in a jar came with, but it works!

Watch my interview with Amanda as she talks about her business journey, her “why” when it comes to how she started selling sea moss and MORE! To purchase your jar of Pink Sea Moss, visit!

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