K Spot Central

Hey guys!

So, this is definitely a new project that I’m working on and I would really like to get this website up and running and hopefully turn this into a TV show! Houston life is booming with so much that is going on and if you are a Houstonian, you know better than anybody that we care about our food, our shopping and the night life here…(day life for all of you grandmas that are in bed before 9:00pm).

I’ll post every other day with a variety of stories that seem to catch viewer’s attention based off of submissions to my email, requests and polls, so stay tuned!

If you are an upcoming artist: model, musician, singer, actress or business owner or do something unique, Please feel free to allow me to give you some shine on my website!

Be ready for exciting reviews of events around Houston, hot new spots, food places and interviews of some pretty unique people. Welcome to my world where pink is always sheek and watch me take on non-traditional media day by day!

Email me at: Karakwillis@hotmail.com

I’d love to hear from you!


texas pink

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