Sex Trafficking-The Unheard Cry of Plenty

Daily, I see a new story about the same issue of sex trafficking posted on a news site. Believe it or not, Houston is the main hub for human trafficking in the U.S. up to date. As this is a sad truth, I can only help but wonder how all of this started. When did the world become some evil as to use and abuse young women maybe old enough to be your mother or young enough to be your daughter or little sister for money? According to an article from, “On average, each sex trafficking victim creates nearly $22,000 in profits per year for their exploiters.”

So, we know that this is going on and we know that it is a huge problem not only in Houston but in every country and state, but what do we do about it? There are women who are raped more than 1,000 times a day, 7 days out of the week with no hope that someone is out there working to save them….that is their “end”.

CNN has also created a new project called, ” The CNN Freedom Project  ” that I think is phenomenal because of how they are giving life back into the voices of the survivors of sex trafficking. All I can think about is how many woman out there will see this project and heal from their past if they have been victim to this evil crime and/or people will see this project and want to get involved in anyway that they can. I’m on board, are YOU? You guys should definitely click that link to check it out.

How do we get involved to end this sickening practice? I have a couple of organizations listed below for information on sex trafficking that will help those of you aren’t familiar with what goes on with it, how to protect yourself better or what the lives of these woman and men go through day by day. I am also working to get an interview with an organization to post it to the site. Stay tuned!


*If you have been a victim to sex trafficking , I would love for you to help touch the lives of others by sharing your story. Please email me at :

Also, if there are any good websites with a good deal of information on there that I have left off of here, please share! 🙂


Sex Trafficking Organizations:

*Human Trafficking resource center

*Youth for Tomorrow

*Human Trafficking

*Free the Captives


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