A Lesson in Public Relations Welcomed into Houston

We could all use a little PR. Let’s see, PR can be used for a business, a product, a brand or even yourself. This event on Facebook was actually just shared with us this week about the Benefits of PR. It is a seminar being held next week on April 30th at 10am. Seems too early for you on a Saturday? It lasts till 2pm! That is more than enough time for you to grab your morning cup of joe and brunch and head out to listen to how being proficient in the business of PR can help you.

William Harris of HLoyal Management will be hosting this event. The K Spot loves to highlight people doing great things in the Houston community, so this event is being promoted on our page. Please note that any event that is posted that readers consider attending should be researched and before you spend ANYTHING on ANY events, you are encouraged to proceed with caution as with any event you may attend or with an event you must pay for. This event is totally FREE and is recommended to those looking to take their business whether big or small to the next level. If you cannot attend, please feel free to tell a friend and share this post! Remember, we want to see everyone make it….one day at a time!

The location of this event will be at: 507 N Sam Houston PKWY E,ste 440 Houston, TX 77060.

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