How to Build the New Year New You mentality..The Right Way

Hey you! So, we’ve all gotten through the Christmas holiday and now it’s on to get ready for New Years. Now what? I know, I know..Get ready for the new year, new me bull, right? Sure our social media feeds will be filled with everyone posting what they’ll do different ONLY to find out that they will be the same friends we see repeating the same mistakes. Here’s the truth: We can all create New Years Resolutions, but we should make sure that we make realistic goals. If you want to travel more in 2018, ask yourself what you’re doing to ACTUALLY GET THERE. Try using mason jars and label them with the places you would like to travel to. Fill up the jars with loose change and even set some cash aside out of every paycheck. You’ll thank me later for this! Make sure that you do not touch the jars under any circumstances unless it is to ADD money to the jar! Set a goal for how much you’d like to have in your jar by a certain date.

I’m all about the “New Year, New me” mentality because it gives people a fresh start. The hard part for some is taking your resolutions from the mentality to the reality. Finding Love is also a resolution I always hear about every year. GOD will find you your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife on HIS timing, but you have to actually PRAY about it. Work on your spiritual growth and ask HIM for the things you want. It’s essential to not force things because it almost never turns out the way you want it to. Trust me, the love of your life is coming! Just wait on it!

Lastly, write a letter to yourself and put it in an envelope. Put everything you’d like to accomplish in the letter. Be open and honest about putting everything you’ve gone through this year both good and bad. Accept the fact that it happened and there’s nothing you can do to take it back, BUT you can change those things going forward. Feel like your world is crumbling down? This is not the end for you and I promise you, it’ll get better. I always tell myself that GOD wouldn’t give yourself more than HE felt you could handle. He gives the most to his strongest soldiers. After writing your letter, re-read it, take it all in by reflecting on it for a moment, then put it away somewhere safe so that on this day next year, you can see what you’ve accomplished.

2018 will be a fresh start for all of us, so don’t knock those who believe in the “New Year, New Me” mentality. It’s ok to set goals for yourself and set yourself up for success in the new year. Just because you don’t accomplish ALL of your goals in a year, doesn’t mean you’ve failed. We all find success on our own time.


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