Beyonce & Jay-Z did WHAT?

beyonce and jay


As if Queen B and her hubby could do nothing else to stop their killer performances on their joint On the Run tour, they have amazed us once again! Scrolling down my instagram feed, beyonce’s instagram dropped hints of her secret album that had the bee hive going wild. She showed pictures of art and dancers. Noone could figure out the correlation until a sneak peak of her and Jay-Z’s new single, ” Apesh*t” graced our timelines! It was a mixture of british art, African-American dancers and of course hot verses by B and HOV himself. Want to know exactly what the hype is about? You’ll have to see for yourself if you haven’t already. The album can be found now  on Tidal, Itunes and has been reported by radio stations this morning that it will be available soon on Spotify.


Get Ready for your breath to be taken away! You’re in for a ride.

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