Boss Babe, JMulan, Takes Houston by Storm with Iconic Fashion Show

JMulan flyerLights, Camera, Action! Culture Queen, JMulan, took the town by storm on December 28th at TheSpaceHTX to feature her new clothing line and other local designers for the One/4TH fashion presentation. Other featured designers were Jimmy Burner, Rocky Boston, and Rich God. The event had a long line of anxious guests waiting to see the JMulan agency’s showcase of local and international artists looking to promote a futuristic vibe.

Guests walked the room in their chic outfits and fashion statements while enjoying complimentary drinks at the bar. Not to our surprise, other special guests were spotted such as Irvin Randle.

Before and during the show, we had the opportunity to ask guests what brought them out that night and the question of the night, what inspire their personalized looks for the night?

Our first person to interview was beautifully natural queen, Justice.

The K Spot: “Thanks for allowing us to interview you! What inspired your look tonight, Justice?”

Justice: “Well, I am natural so I went for a simple, natural twist out. Then, I pulled my hair apart so that it would stay *laughs*. My jeans came from Walmart, shoes were $15 and I got the top when a friend and I went to a sales shop in London.”


As soon as the show started, we bumped into a high-on-life guest, AJ, in the line waiting for a drink.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview this fly guy because his energy was too on point! AJ is the founder of @LearnBlademy and @Astromedialab.

The K Spot: “So AJ, tell us why you’re here, how you heard about the event tonight and anything else that we should know.”

AJ: “I have a couple of friends walking in the show and I heard JMulan is lit so I was like, I’m gonna go check it out and see what’s up with it.

The K Spot: Cool, Cool and what would you say inspired your look today? Now, don’t be shy about it or feel like I’m putting you on the spot. I’m literally asking everybody.”*laughs*

AJ: “I’m a Houston entrepreneur, designer and creative, so my look is inspired by just waking up like this!”


JMulan received a standing ovation with kind words from all of the featured designers at the end of the show with the surprise of the night…JMulan’s birthday has been officially proclaimed as JMulan Day in Houston.¬† Follow JMulan and her agency on Instagram at: @JMulanAgency for future updates, castings and events.

JMulan Event

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