Taking the First Step to Recovery with SOBA

It can feel like protecting your mental health is a never ending war that you never felt that you’d be up against or maybe you know of someone that may be struggling with substance abuse and could never connect the dots to a facility that would help them really tap into their needs that would help them go down the right path to recovery. That’s where SOBA Recovery Facility comes in!

Located in Arizona and Texas, Soba is a facility that provides treatment to individuals who struggle with substance abuse and who are looking for the customized attention that they need for their personal situation. Over the years, Soba Texas has helped hundreds of families, locally and beyond, battle the horrific aftermath of addiction, we have saved hundreds of lives. Soba, you aren’t just a patient…you will be living in a luxury-style environment where you can relax and focus on getting sober. Treatment facilities don’t have to feel like a hospital. According to an article from Money Saving Parent,   “amenities include elegant living space, designer kitchens, fitness center, 10-acre ranch, outdoor pool, and a Zen Meditation Garden. The facility also provides an in-house chef and cleaning service.”  Now, you may be thinking, “Alright Kara, all of that sounds great, but WHY is SOBA the best option for care?” Glad you asked!

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen my share of commercials and advertisements of treatment facilities, but they’re all missing one HUGE thing… OPTIONS! Recovery doesn’t look the same for anyone and treatment isn’t a “one size fits all.” It takes time and commitment to understanding patients and accessing their true needs, strengths, weaknesses and battles before deciding the right path for their sober journey. SOBA caught my eye instantly with the fact that the treatment services are specifically outlined on the website in detail so that patients know exactly what the treatment process is like and can be found here.

The first step is admitting opening up that you or your loved one wants better. Better starts with digging dip down and figuring out where you’ll be treated like family…not just a number. Soba Recovery would like to spread awareness that they are still here and running – even when it feels like you have nowhere to go fighting your addiction – you do. They have a very simple admission process with addiction specialists on standby 24/7. Here is the direct admissions helpline: 866-547-6451 and their website is https://sobarecovery.com/.



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